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 Interview - Wonderlands juin 2009

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Interview - Wonderlands juin 2009 Empty
MessageSujet: Interview - Wonderlands juin 2009   Interview - Wonderlands juin 2009 EmptyMer 17 Juin 2009 - 8:46

Hop ! Une interview toute récente de Dame Carey !

Faite par plusieurs personnes, dont des membres de SFFWorld, site que j'aime beaucoup !

Pas le temps de la lire pour l'instant, je file bosser Wink

EDIT : Bon impossible de mettre un lien, ça ne marche pas, sais pas ce qui se passe...

Je fais un c/c (j'aime pas ça, c'est pas très correct mais là pas le choix) :

Citation :
Jacqueline, many thanks for agreeing to do an email Q&A for our Members at Wonderlands. I hope the following questions are not too taxing!

My pleasure; and no, they’re not! Smile


• The scenery in the Kushiel novels draws on your real geographical experiences, but is essentially your own created world. What do you generally think of fiction that blurs the boundaries between reality and fantasy?

I’m fond of it; not a surprise, since I write it! I like the sense of playfulness and creativity it affords, and I enjoy teasing out the strands of reality woven into a work of imagination; the “A-ha!” moment of spotting elements I recognize. It’s a bit like solving a literary puzzle, or at least taking pleasure in the way the pieces fit together.

• Do you find the internet a blessing or a curse for your writing?

Definitely a blessing. I still do a lot of old-fashioned book research, but the internet’s great for answering questions that arise on the fly, like “What’s the saline content of an iceberg?” There’s a lot of excellent source material in digital archives, too. And of course it’s also a great promotional tool, and a way to stay connected with my readers… although I have to be careful not to let it become a time sink.

• The courtesans in the Kushiel books have a credo – Love as thou wilt. Do you think a few more people in our world could do with living by that?

I think a LOT more people in our world could do with living by that credo!


• Some authors like TIM LEBBON, CHRISTOPHER GOLDEN and MARK CHADBOURN have started to write graphic novels. Does Jacqueline Carey have any plans to write a graphic novel?

No, not yet.

• And/or are the any plans to release the KUSHIEL'S LEGACY series as graphic novels?

I’ve had a few inquiries, but so far, none of the potential projects have come to fruition. I’d love to see it happen some day.


• Did you ever fall in love with one of your own characters or a character from the novels you read?

It’s probably fair to say that I’ve fallen a little bit in love with many of my characters, although never to the extent that I’ve begun to think of them as real, live people to obsess over, or even let them hijack the storyline. I’m not that kind of girl (or writer)!


• When you start a novel, do you do so with a road map of characters and plots and events that take place or do they emerge as you are writing? If there is a split what would the percentage be and which is most exciting to you? (I appreciate this is more that one question!)

Before I start, I have a fairly thorough outline in my head with all the major characters and plot elements; the basic structure of the novel. I’ll guesstimate that’s a good 80% of my conceptual process, with another 20% emerging during the writing of the actual book.

Some writers hate writing, but love having written. Personally, I love writing, so I’d have to say that bringing my vision to life is the most exciting aspect of the whole process for me. I love being immersed in the narrative, building toward the Really Good Parts I know are coming.

• When you write a section or a chapter and it is reviewed, what is it that make you think "wow, that’s a great piece of work" or the opposite " umm… that’s not quite hit the spot"?

Tough question! I suppose it’s a matter of intuition informed by a craftsman’s eye. I know what response I want to ellicit from the reader, so when I review my work, I do my best to objectively gauge my own reaction and measure it against my intended goal. If it resonates for me, I know I’ve nailed it. If it’s close, but not quite there yet, I know it needs more work.

And at that, I don’t always get it right. I’ve written scenes I thought I nailed, only to have my editor’s response inform me I missed the mark. So I’ll end this on a shout-out to skilled editors everywhere, who make good books even better!

Thanks again Jacqueline & good-luck with your current signing tour...

You can read the First Chapters of both 'Namaah's Kiss' and 'Santa Olivia' over at Jacqueline's own website right now!
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Interview - Wonderlands juin 2009
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